Single Mothers Who Are A Single Parent

I’m often asked how I raised two incredibly intelligent, strong, independent young women as a YOUNG SINGLE MOTHER!

First, call it what it is… if at the end of the day you are mom and dad to your kids… you are a SINGLE PARENT!  I raised my girls to be there for each other and know God will never disown them or turn His back on them. He will always love them unconditionally.

Can you imagine our Heavenly Father being please with a father who abandoned his children or his responsibility to train and nurture them; rejects or refuse to be there for his children; does not have a father – daughter/son relationship; yet proclaims he has a relationship with Him? Seriously???

As a single parent, you must instruct your child to love and respect their dad; yes…even if he has abandoned them. The bible says when their father abandons them; the Lord will take care of them.

Raise them not to be bitter but BETTER!  A better woman or a better man! Better on the inside and not a hypocrite on the outside! Most of all, LOVE! Love the Lord with all thy might and they power!  Single Moms, never let your child feel fatherless. Teach them to lean and depend on God… their FATHER!

Nu Beginnings!

more to come for the single mom………..


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